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Company name  Harada foods Co., Ltd.
Location   Head Office/ 2-32 Shinichi Yanai Yamaguchi Japan 742-0009     
                Shuto Factory/ 1901-1 Kamikubara Shuto Iwakuni Yamaguchi Japan 742-0413                           TEL 0827‐84‐2300  FAX 0827‐84‐2255
Foundation 1927
Established Harada Store in 1 March 1964
Organizationan changed to Harada Food Ltd in 17 August 1988
Capital: 47.25 million yen
Representive Director: Toshihiro Harada CEO
Main Product: Tokoroten jelly, konjac product first manufacture, seaweed powder and kuzukiriTrading Bank: Yamaguchi Bank Yanai branch, small business finance Shimonoseki Branch
Major trading partners: national agricultural cooperative Association (agriculture), Max value West Japan, Izumi co Ltd.,Marukyu co Ltd.
      CGC Japan co Ltd, Chugoku CGC co Ltd, Plenus co Ltd, Orihiro co Ltd., others


1924: To start manufacturing and sales of konjac in  kitahama Yanai city,  by  founder  Matsusuke Harada pine Assistant
1946:Transfer current location of Shinichi Yanai
1964: Established Harada Shore co Ltd. capital 2 million yen, while Yoshiohito Harada became President.
1970: To facilities Board konjac vacuum packaging line for the first time in Yamaguchi Prefecture
1972: To implement thread-konjac brabd first time in Yamaguchi Prefecture
1973: To implement raw packed Board konjac brand first time in Yamaguchi Prefecture
1977: Across the country to start selling Chikuwa konjac molding machine developed for the industry
1980: To start manufacture of seaweed powder
1985: Capital increased 5 million yen
1987: To start manufacture of Tokoroten jelly
1988: Capital increased to 10 million yen, and the structure change in the Harada food Ltd     To start the manufacture of raw kuzukiri and introduce the robot of raw packed production
1990: Contract with Konjac potato organic farm in Jinseki Hiroshima Prefecture
1991: Established Jinsekian co Ltd in jinseki Hiroshima Prefecture
1993: Commended as an superior enterprise by the secretary of Yamaguchi Small and Medium Enterprise
1994: Commended as an exemplary corporate enterprises by Director of General of Small and Medium
Enterprise Agency
1995: Capital increased to 30 million yen
1996: New establishment of Shuto factory
2001: Toshihiro Harada assumes the position of the table director.Capital increased to 47.25 million
2002: Shuto factory is received an Organic JAS recognition.
2005: The arum root production begins in Chinese Chiangsu province.
      Received organic JAS recognition of a Chinese factory
2007: ISO9001 certification of the Shuto factory is acquired
        New plant starts operating in Jiangsu Province, China
2008: The first paste made from the Konjac root powder process production in Myanmar begins in 2008.
2009: Manufacturing the factory secondarily in Myanmar operation and the alcoholic refinement paste
made from the konjac powder begins 




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