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Outline of the factory in Shuto


Site area  about 3630㎡shyutou.jpg
Building    Two-story steel-framed building
                (only the office building)         
Total floor area / 1386㎡(manufacturing place,warehouse,office,and platform are contained.)
Main equipment
・One production line for string konjac root.(About 20,000/daily production)
・One production line for board konjac root. (About 15,000/daily production)
・One automatic operation production line for large size of konjac root.
  (About 3tons/daily production)
・One manufacturing device for round konjac root.(About 4tons/daily production)
・Two production lines for raw kudzu starch.(About 1ton/daily production)
・Three production lines for tokoroten jelly.(About 2.5tons/daily production)
・One manufacturing device for Ionized alkaline water.(30tons/daily production)
・Boiler (1ton×1, 750kg×1)           
・One air shower
・One fully-automatic sealing machine
・One semiautomatic wrapping machine
・One H.F.F.S Flow Wrapper
・One Freezer (20 tons in capacity)
・One Refrigerator (10 tons in capacity)
・Wastewater treatment system by recirculation filtration and ozone aeration.
  (Processing performance 30tons/day))
     And also, various sanitary installations and the insecticide equipments
・Automatic operation PH meter
・Alkalinity measuring instrument
・Clean bench
・General living microbe culture and measuring instrument
・Brookfield viscometer
 and various of apparatus for quality control

Outline of the factory in headquarter

 Site area    about 1,359㎡
 Building    Two-story steel-framed building (three stories in part, wooden slated in part)
 Total floor area / 535㎡
 Main equipment    Seaweeds powdery production line(15tons/daily production)

Outline of the factory in China

Site area    about 13,000㎡
Building  Two-story reinforced concrete building
Total floor area/about 3,300㎡
Main equipment  
・Board and string konjac root production line
・Reverse osmotic membrane filtration device...etc


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