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Development into an international business

International business development of Harada foods that cerebrated 88 anniversary of its foundation in 2011.

■Shuto factory that sticks to water and magnetic field.(completed in November, 1996)

■The latest joint factory in Chiangsu province China.(completed in October, 2007)

■The tied-up root flour factory in Myanmar.(operated in October, 2008)


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Approaching on development and import scheme in China.

■ISO9001 certification was acquired in order to strengthen the quality

control at both factories in Japan and China.

■The HACCP attestation was acquired at the factory in China.

■The quality control is thoroughly done in all employees to say nothing

of a person in charge. 

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To deliver "Delicious dish"

■The basis of taste is from water. Even in a bad condition of water in China,the factory equips with the reverse osmotic membrane filtration device, and our product is made by pure water.

■The taste is from a good raw material and equipment. The potato cultivation is managed, and the equipment was originally developed.


To deliver it at the fair price

■Approaching on a consistent production of materials,cultivation-dryness-refined flour -alcoholic refinement in Myanmar where LDC preferential duties are applied.

■Approaching on  the konjac root manufacturing business at low materials and personal expenses in China.

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